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leadership, safe dating, date rape, communication and  sexual assault speaker
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Welcome to the official website of safe dating, communication, date rape and sexual assault speaker Mark Carey's and

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Mark Carey is a speaker, author, consultant, and advocate who is a leading authority on issues of leadership, safe dating, date rape, communication, consent, teen dating violence, healthy relationships, and sexual assault awareness, prevention and education.

Mark specializes as a college and high school speaker working with students, parents and educators to empower individuals to have safer, healthier more respectful relationships. Without dating violence.
Whether speaking to males, females, fraternity's, sorority's, co-ed programs or student athletes Mark Carey is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


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He overcame my initial resistance—I sometimes
don’t trust someone who is too attractive, energetic and knowledgeable…perhaps it’s envy or disbelief in something THAT good—he is for real.

-Rebecca Adair, Hall Director, Texas A&M University Residence Life

Empowerment requires men being involved.
- mark carey

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assault prevention
Mark Carey, sexual assault prevention and awareness, date rape dating, communication, relationships and respect
mark carey, sexual assault prevention and awareness

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